Friday, February 26, 2010

The Scoot and the Crawl

As you know, Cole has been scooting instead of crawling. Last week he finally had the big break through and crawled all the way across the den. The big motivator was my diet Coke can. I had tried all kinds of toys as incentives to crawl; I had crawled all over the house myself; and I had moved his arms and legs in the crawling position hundreds of times. Finally, last week I came home for lunch and we were playing on the floor. He REALLY wanted my Coke can. So I put him in the crawling position and set the can across the room. Off he went! Of course, I was a very proud mommy!

The Scoot

The Crawl

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tickle Bug

Cole is SOOOOOO ticklish!

Month 10 and 11....

Cole is on the MOVE and on the GROW. On Sunday we tried on 3 outfits before finding pants that were not "highwaters." He is one BIG boy. And while he looks the size of all his 18 month friends, he is still scooting (yes, scooting not crawling) across the floor. However, he is very mobile - lunges for everything, into every drawer, chews on everything you have within reach, and pulling up on his knees (beginning stages of cruising). He willingly gives "love"...that consists of open mouth "kisses" and burying his head in your lap. He is jabbering constantly and his new trick is sticking out his tongue. Today the 5th tooth just poked its way into the drool continues. He is VERY ticklish and still loves his books. He plays well independently and loves dancing to his music. His favorite pastime continues to be eating. (He takes this after the White family.) He eats like a horse - really as much as his mommy. He just shovels it in and wants to feed himself. Some more "firsts": Cole got his first haircut, played in his first snow, had his first Valentive's Day, and went to his first playgroup. Enjoy a few pics from the past few months.

Naptime is sometimes a challenge. He does not like to slow down from all the playing.
Just when you think Cole is find him playing in his bed :)
Almost crawling....
Cole is shoveling in food so fast, he doesn't even notice his Popsy standing there!
This is a pic of the mullet before Cole's first haircut!

Check out my two teeth
First time to see snow. Cole really did not like the coat or the snow.

First Valentine's Day
Cole is happy all the time....what a blessing from the LORD

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nine Months and Counting....

Over the past few months Cole has really grown. He has also discovered some of his favorite things and has reached a few more developmental milestones. These include: 1) eating - anything! he loves fruit, puffs, turkey, and anything he can eat with his own hands; 2) the sippy cup - he just learn how to drink from one and not just chew on the lid; 3) new "toys" - anything in the kitchen, boxes, tags and paper; 4) BEST friends are still mommy and daddy - he can say mama and dada but doesn't yet know that those words means his parents; 5) he is scooting everywhere - working so hard on helping him crawl and I think it will just happen when HE is ready; 6) he has 2 teeth and continues to have LOTS of drool; 7) smiles (or rather opens his mouth very wide) for the camera. Of course, he is also already reading, doing calculus and pooping on the potty....wait just dreaming there....but he must be a genius!
Eating- YUM! Teething biscuits are the best treat...of course a bath must follow!
Cole pulled the box on top of himself. I peeked under to take a pic and realized he was a little scared.
He loves the noise of the banging pans
He is just laughing at me laughing at him :) Pure JOY!
One crazy family just having fun - look at how Cole adores his dad!
Read my shirt!
Wide mouths - like father like son...

Christmas Card from the Brewers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Four Christmases

Christmas with large families is very exciting....and numerous. We had 4 Christmases!
Christmas #1: Our little family
We decided to have our family Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve (yes two days before the actual Christmas day). It was a special time. We woke up early (Cole usually does) and Will and I were so excited for Cole to open his presents. As you can see from the pics, we should have given Cole is coffee first...he looks a little sleepy eyed. He got books and a CD of children's songs in his stocking. He also got a basketball goal (his daddy's favorite gift). Of all the toys, I think he still liked the paper and box best!

Christmas #2: At the White House with Mimi, Pops and the family - "Sibling Gift Exchange"
It's a wild crowd!

Cole got some Christmas PJs from Mimi and Pops

Christmas #3: Christmas Eve at the White House (again... :) )
Nana, Grandpa, and Grandma were all able to be with us. We had lots of presents, a BIG breakfast, and just fun times being together. Bear and Lauren were also with us so we could celebrate the engagement.
Cole's first Choo- Choo train

The tradition continues: passing of the Superhero suit to the engaged couple

Grandpa brought Christmas riddles for a contest - Ash and her team were the winners!
Mimi and Pops got a Wii for Christmas
Sweet sisters
Grandpa enjoys some time with the great-grandkids
Jancey and Lydia got twins for Christmas
Riley loves her American Girl
Nana is having fun too
Grandma - looking young as ever! She is amazing- traveling all the way from Louisiana to see all the babies.

Christmas #4: The Brewer Christmas - Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning
The Brewer Clan
Aunt Liz ("bebe")
Cole opens presents with Papa. Man does cole LOVE his Papa!!

Millie is checking Cole out. She is very jealous of all the attention Cole gets.

Cole's favorite toy was the drumsticks (he could only play with them when supervised!) Nanny and Aunt Liz are on Cole duty :)
Aunt Deb came to visit
Uncle Mike and Cole are buddies
Haley and Elizabeth
We got together with Will's Knoxville church friends growing up. Here all all the kids...
Cole and Nolan are just a few month apart