Friday, February 26, 2010

The Scoot and the Crawl

As you know, Cole has been scooting instead of crawling. Last week he finally had the big break through and crawled all the way across the den. The big motivator was my diet Coke can. I had tried all kinds of toys as incentives to crawl; I had crawled all over the house myself; and I had moved his arms and legs in the crawling position hundreds of times. Finally, last week I came home for lunch and we were playing on the floor. He REALLY wanted my Coke can. So I put him in the crawling position and set the can across the room. Off he went! Of course, I was a very proud mommy!

The Scoot

The Crawl


Allison said...

Way to go with the crawling big boy, but that scoot is definitely one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!

H Vest said...

Jen - I love how he puts his head in your lap after scooting. Sweet, sweet! It made me laugh that your diet coke was his motivation :)

the robertsons said...

I haven't blogged in a while!! Cole is SO precious...those EYES!! Way to crawl big boy! I agree with Allison that scoot is crazy cute! Henley crawled to a cookie...I should have tried a diet coke:). Love it!

Shirley said...

Aubrey's nick name is still "scooter" and she looked just like Cole ! So cute !